Organized optometry is aggressively lobbying in state capitals across the country to expand their scope of practice. They have achieve expansions of their privileges in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. We cannot lot Texas and its citizens fall prey to these ill-informed legislative changes.

One of the most interesting, and eye-opening, pieces of literature can be found directly on the Texas Optometry Board’s website. It is entitled History of the Optometry Board. This is a must read for every member of SASO and should be read by every ophthalmologist in Texas.

The only way we can make a difference is to advocate for our patients and our profession. The American Academy of Ophthalmology has not been as successful as local ophthalmologists and medical organizations in halting these dangerous expansions of optometry’s scope of practice.

What can you do?

1.) Join the TMA and participate in First Tuesdays in Austin.

2.) Join the TOA and donate to the EYE PAC.

3. Vote in local elections, attend fund raisers, and get to know your State Representatives on a first name basis. Want to know who represent you?